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Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM
or call 951-744-0170 for appointments.

56480 State Highway 371 Suite 11 • PO Box 390906 • Anza, CA 92539
951-744-0170 • TF 855-500-1108 • FX 877-505-0475

MCI Community Involvements

Join one of our
new business networks.
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Hwy 371 Business Association
371 Nonprofit Network

Upcoming Community Events

Anza Film Festival
June 30,2017

Hwy 371 Business Expo & Job Fair
September 23, 2017

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Business Support is our expertise and you are our Superstars!

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Our Products include...


Administrative Services Marketing Services Photography Services
Administrative Services
Copying, faxing, file organization, bookkeeping.
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Marketing Services
facebook to billboards and
everything in between.
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PhotoEfects Services
Passport photos,retail items, training videos, retouching and manipulations
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Local Directory Ad Sheet ColorEfects Business Opportunity
Local Directory Publishers
Advertising newspaper that publishes
every two months.
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ColorEfects Consultation
How you use color can effect
your customers buying potential.
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Learn about our company and a worker-owned cooperative may be for you.
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Are you in a rush to get photocopies or faxes?

Are you behind on filing, need a Quickbooks expert or assistance with data entry?

As a business owner, you know the value of your time.
Spend it where you are most valuable.

Marketplace Cooperative Inc. can simplify your life!

Call 951-744-0170 for infomation or to set an appointment.

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Is marketing something you'd rather not do?

Do you believe marketing is expensive and time intensive?

We have methods to stop the madness and would love to chat with you about your options.

We view marketing like the many parts of a sunflower. It can be complicated and overwhelming... or not. This is generally up to the gardener, or in this case the business owner. It's a matter of technique and our MCI Secret Sauce.

Maybe it's time you focus on what you do best and let us do the rest.

Marketplace Cooperative Inc.
can make your life easier!

Call 951-744-0170 for information or to set an appointment.

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photo retouch sample





PhotoEfects SERVICES

Since words are cheap and
a picture is worth a thousand words,
quality photos often do the heavy lifting in today's information age.

We pay attention to detail and keep the cameras rolling
until your project is picture perfect, guaranteed!

Damaged photos can usually be repaired digitally.
Photo editing and montages are our specialty.

Marketplace Cooperative Inc.
always aims to please.

Call 951-744-0170 for information or to set an appointment.

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LPD Logo


We would love to cover your community with our advertising sheet.
Published every two months, Local Directory Publishers'
advertiser keeps you informed about your
local businesses and how they
can best serve you.

Call 951-389-0220 or toll free 855-500-1108
for information or to set an appointment.

>> Anza-Aguanga's Issue 1, Jan. 2017 <<

ERA Excel Realty, Mr. Happy's Mercantile,
Once Upon a Thread & Overland Realty.

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ColorEfects SERVICES

The power of color's influence on us is an important consideration.

Our offices should be inviting while encouraging
decision-making and closure of transactions.

Advertisements and packaging can mirror these color schemes
with the addition of attention grabbing applications.

Call Marketplace Cooperative Inc. at 951-744-0170
or toll free at 855-500-1108, for information
or to set an appointment.

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Site Map

Our Business Opportunty / About Us

We are all about people first and supporting local businesses second. If the people don't prosper, neither does the community.

The strength of every economic sector stems from a stable and market-driven local infrastructure. This belief empowers individuals and communities to thrive towards their unique goals and dreams for the future.

The worker-owned cooperative business model gives democratic voice to every worker, greater flexibilitly within the supply and demand marketplace, and potential longevity to the business that never changes its location.

1. Success Story in the Bronx to emulate.

2. Success Story in San Francisco.











Download our various files from the
menu below
more information.


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